Sunday, February 27, 2011

Speaking of Intense...

This past weekend was President's day weekend.  My husband's family has made it a tradition, since before he was born, to go to the coast for the long weekend every year.  They rent a house and everyone has a great time playing games, hanging out, and walking to the beach.  This year was our son's first year at this event, let alone at the beach!  There was a lot of holding the baby going on.  Great-grandma wanted her fill, grandma got her turn, Auntie also took her share, even I got to hold him for a little while in between :).  As I was holding him and he was squealing and getting excited (which is his usual play these days) I could feel his whole body tense up; from head to toe, every muscle inside of the boy was tense for about 20 seconds and then he would relax and then do it again until he got tired.  It was a little strange to me to sit back and take this in from the perspective of him being a high need baby.  If he didn't do that all of the time I would think that the child was having a seizure.  His body gets THAT tense.  You would think he would be tired all of the time since he is so tense most of his waking minutes.  It makes me giggle to think that this is just a glimpse into what he will be like as a growing boy.  INTENSE!!!!  Gotta love him! 

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