Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Jinxed It!

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted that we were having napping success?  Remember how I hoped that I wouldn't jinx that success by celebrating with a blot post? 

Well.... I jinxed it!

We have gone back to square one, and I'm wondering if any form of nap training is ever going to work with my son.  He IS a very strong willed child you know?  

I asked his pediatrician about this today and he said to follow his schedule.  If he is acting tired before he has had a waketime I thought appropriate then put him down when the baby says so.  It is his body after all, he knows when he's tired better than me.  So today I did just that.  I put him down an hour and a half after he woke in the morning, and he slept for over and hour.  I put him down 2 and a half hours after he woke from the first nap, and he is reaching the hour mark in his crib currently.  I may drive myself crazy thinking about naps, but we will be successful eventually.....RIGHT?!?!?!

Now let's make sure this blog doesn't jinx this success. 

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